Local Heroes



Hook Arts Media is proud to spotlight the fantastic relief efforts in Red Hook during the upcoming Red Hook Fest! In this uncertain time, Red Hook’s residents, essential workers, volunteers, and community leaders have risen to the occasion to offer food, supplies, and other invaluable resources and support. We want to share a snapshot of the efforts locals have undertaken to support their neighbors, and what better time than the Red Hook Fest livestream on June 27, 2020?

If you would like to be featured (or would like to feature someone else), please submit content according to the guidelines below:

Media Submission Guidelines

  • Video
      • Phone footage is just fine! [Hold the phone vertically!]
      • Submit 1-3 videos, lasting no more than 3 minutes each. Shorter is better!
      • Answer the following questions in 1 video:
        • Who are you, and what organization are you working with?
        • What were you doing before Covid-19?
        • What are you doing to respond to Covid-19 in Red Hook?
        • How can people find out more about you/your efforts?
      • Rehearse your answers before filming. Keep it short and sweet.
      • Show us what you do (in another video) if you can!
  • Photos
      • Photos without a corresponding interview video will not be included in the festival.
      • We highly prefer video footage, but you can send up to 5 pictures
      • The types of photos we’re looking for include:
        • A pic of relief efforts
        • Easily recognizable locations in Red Hook
    • Deadline: Friday, May 22nd by 11:59 PM
  • Getting your content to us
    • Email your content (preferably in one email) with “Red Hook Hero” followed by your NAME and/or ORGANIZATION in the subject line to info@hookarts.org.
      • Subject Line Example: Red Hook Hero John Smith