The Dance Cartel

Hook Arts Media is happy to announce that The Dance Cartel will be performing at Red Hook Fest 2019. THE DANCE CARTEL is after a new brand of dance experience. Taking note of a dance community that often serves a niche audience, the Cartel creates dances that are VIBRANT, IMMERSIVE and often PARTICIPATORY. Without sacrificing technical rigor or artistic ambition as a dance company, we endeavor to employ the social nature of dance, the charge of a party, and the sharpness of a music video to a fresh dance vocabulary that any Joe can get down with.

Their June 1 performance promises to deliver on all this and more. Music Edited and Mixed by Dj Avg Jo.

Learn more about the Dance Cartel here:

Facebook: @TheDanceCartel | Twitter:@TheDanceCartel | Instagram:@TheDanceCartel |

LINELIGHT on the High Line from The Dance Cartel on Vimeo.

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